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Mexican Chiapas High Grown 12oz Roasted

Mexican Chiapas High Grown 12oz Roasted

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Milk Chocolate, Nuts and a dash Of apple honey

We slightly prefer espresso over drip but both are fantastic. On espresso you get mostly milk chocolate tones on first sips then the nutty and honey flavors tend to roll in near the end. This is a great straight shot of espresso very tasty and goes really well with milk drinks!

On drip the aroma is very sweet. Using an aeropress with a paper filter brightens this up a bit and you still get the chocolate but more of the nutty and honey taste sticks out along with the aroma. 


Roast Level:
light Medium . Our goal is to bring as much sweetness and character of the bean forward without over roasting the flavors out of the bean. We like to drop this bean at the middle -  end of first cracks.


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Roasted Fresh Daily. Usually ships same day with 1-5 day shipping. We roast on a fluid bed air roaster. This means less acidity for people with sensitive stomachs. Cleaner, no hydrocarbons or charring. Questions are welcomed! We love coffee and hope you love ours as well.