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Ethiopia Dukamo Rumudamo Wet Process (Washed)
Ethiopia Dukamo Rumudamo Wet Process (Washed)
Ethiopia Dukamo Rumudamo Wet Process (Washed)
Ethiopia Dukamo Rumudamo Wet Process (Washed)

Ethiopia Dukamo Rumudamo Wet Process (Washed)

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Floral • Pink Bubble Gum • Syrupy 

( 200 lbs in stock) 

More Tasting notes: Amazing syrupy sweetness with floral pink bubble gum notes.  Juicy fruit, tropical and complex with a delicate grape mix berries with lemon lime and stone fruits. It's no surprise this coffee has earned top placement at Ethiopia Cup of Excellence competitions, including #1 in 2020

The fragrance of the ground coffee had such a clean sweetness, like semi-refined demerara, and sucanat sugars. It also had very nice floral character, that really blossomed after adding hot water. The aroma smelled incredible, super floral and sweet, with some sugar-browning sweetness, and notes of pink bubble gum with some milder fruit accents


Resting recommendations:  Ideal at: 1-3 weeks for pour over 3-4 weeks for espresso. 100% Ok to dive in before that! 


Farm Notes:

Rumudamo is a privately owned farm and processing site near Bensa, part of the Sidama Zone of Ethiopia's southern regions. "Rumudamo" is both the name of the wet mill, as well as the small village, or "Woreda", where it is located. The site boasts altitude above 2000 meters, and many of the farms in the area are above 2200 meters above sea level. High altitude does not guarantee high quality, but this is a case where the two are both very true! Rumudamo's cups are floral and bright, with the kind of complex, delicate aroma that puts it in a class of its own.

Roast Level:

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