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Colombia Honey Aponte Margarita Pujimuy
Colombia Honey Aponte Margarita Pujimuy
Colombia Honey Aponte Margarita Pujimuy
Colombia Honey Aponte Margarita Pujimuy
Colombia Honey Aponte Margarita Pujimuy

Colombia Honey Aponte Margarita Pujimuy

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CUP PROFILE: Rhubarb Pie • Raspberry  • Juicy

( Only 100 lbs in stock) 

Big vibrant flavors on the palate, luscious body and inherent sweetness. Rich, syrupy essence of canned plum to the vivacious notes of raspberry. Each sip unveils layers of complexity. Tangy undertones, reminiscent of ripe red berries and the tartness of rhubarb pie. When brewed hot, the cup exudes a pleasing juiciness reminiscent of mandarin oranges, flooding the senses with its citrusy zest and the delicate sweetness of white honey. 

Resting recommendations:  Ideal at: 2-3 weeks for pour over 3-4 weeks for espresso. 100% Ok to dive in before that! 


Farm Notes:

This microlot honey coffee comes from Doña Margarita Pujimuy in the village of El Páramo, within Aponte, Nariño. Honey processing is the norm in this community, which is an anomoly for Colombia. Margarita farms coffee on roughly 1 hectare of land, or about 3,000 coffee trees in total. She's growing a mix of yellow Variedad Colombia and Castillo, which I think work really well as honeys. The honey process involves removing the outer cherry skin, but leaving the fruit mucilage intact for the entire drying period. It can mean fruity flavors in the cup, which is the case with this coffee. It also means a lot of chaff during roasting, which is something to keep an eye on, and definitely vacuum out after every roast. The people of Aponte are of Inga decent, a pre-Colombian ethnic group related to the Incas, their native tongue being Inga Kichwa. Aponte is located in a misty páramo region of very high altitude. The farmers in this growing region grow mainly Caturra, Castillo, and Variedad Colombia cultivars, the latter being disease resistant hybrids known for high production. The remote location and far reach from the Colombian government has made it a desirable area for growing illegal poppy crops too. But outside interest in coffee from this area and the competitive prices being paid have made coffee an attractive alternative. 

Roast Level:
light - Medium 

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