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Rwanda Rulindo Tumba
Rwanda Rulindo Tumba
Rwanda Rulindo Tumba
Rwanda Rulindo Tumba
Rwanda Rulindo Tumba
Rwanda Rulindo Tumba

Rwanda Rulindo Tumba

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CUP PROFILE: Pomegranate, Lemonade, Plump.

(150 lbs in stock)

This complex coffee gives us lots of Pomegranate, yellow fruits, hints of sugary spice, cane juice, lemonade and very juicy! It will change a lot as it rest which is why we love it so much. 

6 days after resting we get more bright notes of raspberry, lemonade. Day 7 more of the yellow fruits are coming out with some spice. 3-4 weeks we are getting very juicy notes, with brown sugar, dried cranberry.  Its does seem "Deeper" overall at this stage in a good way. 

We are liking this to rest 3-4 week But for more lighter notes dive in earlier. 

We added some fun Ai images as well to help showcase the dynamic flavors. The spelling could be improved.....


Farm Notes:

The coffee from Tumba washing station was on Sweet Marias radar for years before they first bought it almost a decade ago. When they first tasted it, the sweetness and bright acidic snap in the cup made a great impression. But at the time they noticed varied quality from one cup to the next, and a lack of consistency can mean problems in the processing. For a coffee buyer, it signifies that what you taste now might not be what you get upon importation. The backstory at the time was Tumba Station was a private processing wet mill that had 2 owners with very different ideas of quality and how to run a mill. Fast forward a few years, and they found ourselves purchasing Tumba for the first time under a very different light. A local teacher in the Tumba area for which the mill is named, had taken over all aspects, and the coffee was consistent in every cup ... and amazingly good! Venustre Mugraneza, the teacher, is esteemed in the local community and has been systematically improving the mill. The best coffee cherries (those that make up this lot) are dried in a special area of raised beds and receive focused handpicking by the farmers. Tumba is situated at 1825 meters in the Rulindo district, where they also sourced the excellent Cocatu Cooperative lots. 

Roast Level:
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